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Real video no picture slide shows starting at $95

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Our goal is to help you put great looking Real Estate video on sites like YouTube and much more by producing professional videos. Pushing your marketing assets beyond  pictures.


Quality video not picture slide show. Design to help market your properties in a full enriched experience.

Key Elements

Allowing potential buyers viewers to have a clear understanding of the flow and layout of the property.


Target Audience

Embedding video and social media campaigns to reach a specific area and demographic in your marketing.


Giving agents tools and ability to reach effective buyers by focusing marketing strategies in a competitive market.

Walk through a property with video.

With Safehouse Video Tours we are able to give a feel of walking though a home by physically walking through the property while shooting hi definition video. This is achievable by a videographers tool call a “glide cam”. Allowing us to deliver you a smooth and professional video.

Agent Profile Clip

Agent profile clips can be used in many different ways. To give your social media channels content to deliver to the web. Along with great content for introducing yourself via e-mail to potential listings and clients. Allow you to reach A second time after meeting face-to-face or before meeting face-to-face helping break the ice through video communication.

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