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While we all work hard to be perfect, we can’t prevent things from coming up. But even on vacation, we will work hard to make the client happy. We not only do videography and photography, we make happy people!

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Real Estate Marketing for Agents

Real Estate Marketing for Agents

Real estate marketing for agents can be a very daunting task. You’ll hear many say you have to think “outside the box” or “you need to do guerrilla marketing.” But nowadays when you hear these two approaches to real estate marketing they can be taken in many different ways. One can be applying time and effort in marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook Twitter Instagram. Or investing money into paper ads that most people just read on occasion but never really comprehend the ads that are invested by you the agent. Not to mention this is extremely expensive out-of-pocket for agents. The best way we found approaching marketing a home is to find out the story in the personal view of the property. Emotion is a strong tactic and marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling tissue paper, candy bars, cars, or home the most effective way to sell to a client or to a potential buyer is to tap in to emotions. Take a look at the next random ad that you may see on TV or that you might see a sponsored post on social media. Ask yourself does this add tap into any emotional contact. For example let’s take tissue paper. Who would’ve thought that a tissue paper company would sell a disposal product for hygiene and attach it to a family of cuttable lovable bears. But anyone and everyone in marketing knows you have to tap into motions it’s a better cast of the net. Real estate marketing for agents can be emotional not justĀ for the agent but for the potential...

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