Vacation and Technology

While we all work hard to be perfect, we can’t prevent things from coming up. But even on vacation, we will work hard to make the client happy. We not only do videography and photography, we make happy people!

You know that week before taking a vacation, and how everything is nuts? It’s almost like you have to work twice as hard the week before to make sure that everything is done. And no matter how hard you work before your vacation, there is always something that comes up during your vacation, that can’t wait until you get back home?

Well this week, we are lucky enough to be on vacation and out of the country, and sure enough that 1 thing popped up. This is where TECHNOLOGY IS OUR FRIEND! While we may not be in town, we were able to remotely access our computers, and be able to take care of our clients needs…..all from 1500 MILES AWAY!